Lady Gaga – Yoü and I (Metronomy remix) [stream]

Metronomy have either remixed Lady Gaga's new single or trapped her inside a giant tin can and recorded the sounds she makes in there.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Metallic and hollow, this latest remix of Lady Gaga’s power ballad Yoü and I (which was already remixed just a few days ago by Wild Beasts ) comes from Devon electro group Metronomy , and sees the songs stripped of its original instrumental, leaving only creepy undertones to crawl underneath the desperate lyrics.

With Gaga’s power-haus vocals laid bare over sparse, ominous groans, the result sounds kind of urgent and wistful at the same time, bringing a mournful edge to Gaga’s sneers as they echo in the emptiness of this fantastic rework. If the Wild Beasts remix was for gazing out of train windows, this is for sitting alone at home – ultimately more static, more straightforward and far more depressing.

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