Lady Gaga is going to be the first recording artist to sing in space

One small step for Gaga, one giant leap for pop.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

Lady Gaga's latest promotional stunt is undoubtedly her most impressive yet: the singer will become the first recording artist to perform in space in 2015.

Us Weekly report (with seeming confirmation from Gaga on Twitter) that the singer is set to board a Virgin Galactic ship on a mission to sing one song in space as part of the Zero G Colony "galactic" music festival at Spaceport America, New Mexico. The same source told the magazine that Gaga would need to undergo a month of vocal training before take-off to be able to sing in the atmosphere.

Unfortunately for Gaga she won't be the first human being to sing in space – that honour goes to loveable astronaut Chris Hadfield, as far as we know – but she'll certainly be the first popstar. 

Steph Kretowicz recently wrote about Gaga's perplexing bodily cultural appropriation in comparison to Oneohtrix Point Never's own appropriations on 'R Plus Seven'. Yeah, that's Gaga and OPN in one piece; read all about it here.

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