La Big Vic

Brooklyn trio surprise with electric violin jams that span the globe.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

Three figures stand on stage in the high-ceilinged warehouse space of 285 Kent: on a the left a guy in front of two keyboards, on the right a second guy with electric guitar, laptop and various boxes and effects, and in the centre a woman with an electric violin and mic. Brooklyn’s La Big Vic make for a curious sight at first, giving nothing away about what they might sound like. Their sound turns out to exist in-between many places. At times the electric violin, running through pedals and effects, sings a strange, mournful duet with the lead singer, like an abstract country music lament. At others the bpm ups and Arabic rhythms build into whooshy dance jams. Throughout, shards of mirror ball light dance across the stage to break up the dive bar style dankness. It’s a thrilling set: half for its surprising-ness, half for their ability to build such a cohesive feeling with so many swirling references.

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