Kissey – Distortion

NYC singer/producer returns with her 'The Awakening' EP; stream new song Distortion inside.


Kissey is a singer, songwriter, producer, and DJ raised in Stockholm and living in NYC. Her resumé includes work with the likes of Rustie, Dorian Concept, Actress, and Zed Bias, as well as one King Britt, who talked about his experiences working with Kissey in Philadelphia for a feature last year.

Her new EP, 'The Awakening', sees Kissey expand on the electronic production heard on last year's Melting Pot single. Distortion travels into even more experimental territories while remaining locked on a club groove; dark basslines and disembodied vocals abound. 

Kissey 'The Awakening' EP tracklist:

01. I Don't Need Anything 
02. Distortion 
03. Love & Lost 
04. Animal 
05. Transform 

KISSKISS release 'The Awakening' EP on April 28th 2015.