Kanye West jumps in lake, new tracks surface

Kanye jumped in a lake at a gig in Armenia. Meanwhile, there's a new demo of a song called Midas Touch, a Kendrick Lamar verse from All Day, and a guest spot on Vic Mensa's new song.


Kanye West news!

Kanye West jumps in a lake. Kanye recently performed an impromptu gig in Armenia, the country that his wife Kim Kardashian can claim heritage from. The last minute show took place at the edge of Verevan’s Swan Lake and lasted just under 45 minutes, when it broke down after Kanye literally jumped into the lake and started moshing with his fans. Cool. There's a video of the whole thing embedded above.

Kanye West and Vic Mensa ask: U MadVic Mensa released his new song U Mad over the weekend. There's a verse on it from Kanye which is predictably not very good (has Kanye ever done a good guest verse?) but worth checking out if you're a completion freak.

A demo for Rihanna is online. A new Kanye demo called Midas Touch appeared on Soundcloud over the weekend. It is quite definitely a demo (i.e. it sounds rough as hell), and it was most likely intended for that new Rihanna album that Yeezy is executive producing.

Kendrick Lamar's verse from All Day has surfaced. There's been talk of Kendrick Lamar contributing a verse to Kanye's recent single All Day floating about recently. Well, here's the full verse now. 'Online chatter' suggests that this might have been a reference track that Kendrick originally put together for Kanye rather than a new remix – Kendrick has a writing credit on the single despite not featuring on it.