Kamixlo – Mata Lo




​lexxi is making an artwork for the track right now. i'll send it thru when it's ready. 

and also about the fader question. i didn't make the status on endless facebook page so i'd rather not answer that part. don't really want my opinion on that published 🙂

okay so yeah answers

 – Hello, Kamixlo. Who are you and what do you do?
I'm kami and I BEEEEN making music. 

 Where are you based?
brixton but chile in my blood.

– How did you start out DJing and producing?
been making music from day and low key training lucha libre since day.
we put on parties a few summer's ago so i started djing for fun. now it's time for us to eat hehe

– How did you fall in with guys like Endgame, Blaze Kidd, etc?
my day ones are uli k, blaze kidd and lexxi. always been with them. met endgame, palmistry,bladee and ana caprix later in life, but they fully blood now. how i met them should always remain lowkey.

– Have you got any future releases and things sorted and in the pipeline?
I just finished my EP. it's lit. Can't speak much about it now but info will be coming soon. hehe. I'm also working on Blaze Kidd's new EP and Uli K's debut release.

– What's going on in this mix?
you tell me… jk

– What tracks have you been hammering recently?
itami by uli k
blackbox by nkisi
4am by bladee
cross the country by migos
icnorante by blaze kidd
bare unreleased lexxi tracks.