Jon E Cash makes homophobic remarks: “It’s not Black culture”

The grime producer posted a video of him reacting to a Bumble campaign promoting Black love


Words by: Felicity Martin

Grime producer Jon E Cash has posted a video in which he makes homophobic remarks about Black LGBT people.

Now deleted from his Instagram (although someone has archived the video) the clip sees him reacting to a Bumble campaign advert promoting love between Black people, which features some same-sex couples as well as heterosexual ones.

“It’s a mad ting … watch what they’re promoting to the Black race,” he says: “Wait for it – Black love is lesbians… lesbians! But wait for it, it gets worse. Queer relationships is Black love, apparently, even though it’s illegal in all Black countries. How you work that [out]?”

He continues: “Man said that’s Black love … like you can have babies and dem tings there.”

“Nah, man. So basically these man made a LGBT advert with a bunch of lesbians and homosexuals and called it Black love and brung in Krept and a bunch of other people.”

He adds: “If people wanna be gay let them be gay, but don’t push it on Black culture like it’s Black culture … Go to any Black country and find out if this sh*t is legal, it’s illegal, cos it’s not Black culture. These lot are taking the piss, fam. You lot might not see how I see it, you might think this is lit. You might think this is Black love for real.”

Bumble’s #MyLoveIsBlackLove campaign includes stories from high profile figures including Krept, Clara Amfo, George the Poet, Gal-dem founder Liv Little, author Yomi Adegoke and more.

“Man like Krept, you know,” Jon E Cash mentions in the video. “He promotes that.”

Homosexuality has never been criminalised in ten African states, and has been decriminalised in ten others.

The BlackOps label head created his own sub-genre of UK garage with ‘sublow’, and whose ‘Hoods Up’ is regarded as one of the most influential grime beats ever.

Another recent video on Jon E Cash’s Instagram describes his scepticism about a coronavirus vaccine, captioned “#Say no to vaccine”.

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