Joanna Newsom – The Diver’s Wife

Listen here to a stunning new track from the star of plinky plonk, recorded when she performed with Phillip Glass this week.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Ethereally good harpist and singer-songwriter Joanna Newsom performed with phenomenal composer Phillip Glass on Monday as part of a benefit for the Henry Miller Memorial Library. Short of being there, the next best thing that could have come out of such a night is a recording of some new music, and that’s exactly what ‘The Diver’s Wife’ is.

Even without crucial information like whether this track is destined to appear on Newsom’s next LP (‘The Diver’s Wife’ itself is apparently a working title), this sprawling, indulgent track says everything it needs to in itself. The thing about Newsom is that she’s not only a distinctive singer or skilled harpist, but a master of form, and the way the structure of this track elegantly ducks and dives means that eight minutes zoom by in what feels like two or three.

Head over to the Tumblr New Wave Women to hear the full seven minute song recorded live in excellent quality (via Pitchfork ).