Joakim – Heartbeats

A gorgeous slow jam from the Parisian DJ, producer and Tigersushi boss.


Joakim’s newest single, Heartbeats, is more interesting in setting hearts aflame than dancefloors. It’s a gorgeous little tune, opening with those Assault On Precinct 13 arpeggios and chugging along on a simple kick-snare groove at a heartbeat-friendly tempo in the ~75bpm region. Joakim performs some vocoder acrobatics to introduce his own voice, but wisely ditches these once the song kicks in properly, laying his voice bare. This is the sort of thing that’ll get you up in the morning.

It’s been two years since Joakim released his last album, ‘Nothing Gold’, but he recently released a single with Kindness under the name Everyone, called No Time To Waste. Going further back in time, Joakim made us a Dummy Mix, which was one of the our favourites from 2011 and can be heard here.

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