Jimmy Edgar – Hot Inside

Jimmy Edgar keeps himself busy with a new dancefloor bomb, inaugurating his own label 'Ultramajic'.


Jimmy Edgar is keeping himself busy. Last year saw him release a full-length album, ‘Majenta’, for Hotflush, as well as launching a collaborative project with Machinedrum under the name JETSinterviewed for Dummy earlier this year – and touring all over the world. He’s now launching a record label named Ultramajic alongside Machinedrum, and its inaugural release comes from Edgar himself. Hot Inside, the EP’s title track, is aimed squarely at the dancefloor – diva wails, stabs and about three separate builds and releases are carried over a 4×4 stomp. These ingredients are being used on countless house tracks nowadays with sexless results, but Jimmy Edgar’s command of sound and ability to build energy separates his work from the imitators.

Ultramajic will release ‘Hot Inside’ on June 10th.

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