Jamie Isaac – I Will Be Cold Soon [EP stream]

Step into the melancholy world of 18 year old singer-songwriter Jamie Isaac.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

18 year old Jamie Isaac is from the King Krule school of singing as if you’re about 20 years older and 30 times wearier than you actually are (literally: he became friends with Archy Marshall at school). Like his contemporary, he builds dense and disturbing atmospheres in his music, infusing his stripped-back ballads with an intense and thoughtful sense of melancholy that seems beyond his years. Simultaneously, though, each track shows a flash of innovation that makes it distinctly of the moment – the skittering electronic murmurs of I Will Be Cold Soon, or the harsh clicks and echoing sound design of Can See (Part 1), for example. Stream his debut EP below (thanks, Dazed Digital!).

House Anxiety Records released the ‘I Will Be Cold Soon’ EP on the 24th June.