Jam City might be posting new music videos

Some short clips of exciting, pared back club music, that are possibly from the Night Slugs producer's next release.


Words by: Charlie Jones

For a little while now, London producer Jam City has been posting some short clips of plants, running water and a bomber jacket on this Youtube channel. In typical, elusive-producer style, we don’t really know what this is all about, but we’re guessing that they are clips of songs from the album he told us he’s working on.

Anyway, whatever they are and despite their brief length, they sound good. Pick Up is a shimmery, glassy piece of minimal club music, while 1st Floor is one of the most stripped back 30 seconds I’ve heard for a while . C-Night is the most substantial of the lot clocking in at one minute, eight seconds, and again sees Jam City taking club sounds and alien, ambient atmosphere to new levels of pared back. It’s hard to decide anything for sure based on such short clips, but he’s got our attention, and we look forward to whatever he’s releasing next.

Night Slugs will release an album by Jam City in 2012

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