Jagwar Ma – Uncertainty (MssingNo remix)

Stupidly good remix of the Australian indie band by mysterious grime producer MssingNo.


Appearing out of nowhere and taking off almost by surprise with his sublime Goon Club Allstars EP towards the end of last year, mysterious new producer MssingNo has returned with a remix of Australian indie band Jagwar Ma, and he's done a bang up job of it.

MssingNo is ostensibly a grime producer – his 'MssingNo' EP was rooted in the genre, Goon Club Allstars is a grime label, and he has made beats for MCs like Cas – but really, the sounds, hooks, emotionality, and euphoria go way beyond genre categorisation. As such, it's interesting but not really strange to see MssingNo remixing a band like Jagwar Ma, especially when the result is as fantastic as it is. After two and a half minutes playing with the song's original vocals, the remix just bursts into pure grooves.