Hype Williams’ next release will be called ‘Kelly Price w8 gain ep vol II’

O pleasant excersise of hope and joy, there's a new Hype Williams record, out very soon on Hyperdub!


Words by: Charlie Jones

Hype Williams – a duo of artist-musicians surrounded by a few others born in London, based in Berlin – play sludgy music vaguely related to dub and hypnogogic pop and made one of the year’s best records, ‘One Nation’, out on Hippos In Tanks. Now they’re working with Hyperdub, who will be releasing the ‘Kelly Price w8 gain ep vol II’ on vinyl on the July 4th. We’ve zapped through it a couple of times, and we can report that it is very, very good – more deliberate and even more delicate than anything they’ve done, it is still infused with that combination of romanticism, melody and wit that made ‘One Nation’ such an astounding record.

Hype Williams’ ‘Kelly Price w8 gain ep vol II’ tracklisting

A1. Rise Up
A2. Boss Man
B1. Farthing Wood Dub
B2. Badmind

Hype Williams – William, Shotgun Sprayer [fan video]

Hyperdub will release Hype Williams’ EP ‘Kelly Price w8 gain ep vol II’ on the 4th July 2011