How To Dress Well – Words I Don’t Remember

Tom Krell returns with his first studio recording since 2012's 'Total Loss'.


Tom Krell aka How To Dress Well has shared a brand new song called Words I Don't Remember, his first studio recording (he's done the odd guest spot and hungover mix here and there) since releasing his 2012 album 'Total Loss'. 

A press release gives Krell's own explanation of the song: "This song for me is about love, trust, commitment, and what happens to these things and, like, what happens to really real love when sentimentality is so co-opted and ruined. What remains of true love in this world of simulations?"

Indeed. The song is probably the most ambitious, accomplished, and high fidelity that Krell has written so far. We're not sure if this is a one-off or whether it'll lead to a new album, but HTDW seems to have registered a new URL at – and if you're gonna go into the effort of registering a new URL, you can be pretty sure that it's gonna be a proper project.

There's an "exclusive GIF" attached to the press release too, which you can see below – it's kind of like the internet version of getting stickers in a record sleeve. 'Total Loss' was our fifth favourite album of the year in 2012 – you can read our in-depth take on that album here.


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