How To Dress Well is remixed by Pariah, wins film acclaim

Tom "How To Dress Well" Krell has had two nice things happen today – Pariah remixed his song 'Escape Before the Rain' and Jamie Harley's video for Decisions was officially selected by the LA Film Festival.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Here’s Pariah’s remix of How To Dress Well’s album track Escape Before The Rain, taken from the majestic ‘Love Remains’, with the original below.

How To Dress Well – Escape Before The Rain (Pariah Remix) by TriAngleRecords

If you’re a Pariah fan, and you really should be, you should listen to the mix he did us a year or so ago, which you can download here.

In other news, Jamie Harley’s video for early How To Dress Well track Decisions has had some props from the Los Angles Film Festival, and will be screened as part of their official selection. We contacted Jamie and this is what he said:

“The “Decisions” video was the first one I did for How To Dress Well, shortly after Tom and I met online. I took the footage from a 1978 documentary called “Always For Pleasure” directed by legendary filmmaker Les Blank.

To be honest, I didn’t think the video would get that much exposure so I didn’t ask for any authorization at the time. Obviously when the LA film festival contacted me last week, I instantly sent an email to Les Blank to tell him about it.

I was pretty anxious, not really because I was afraid that he might refuse to give his permission, but because I was afraid that he wouldn’t like the video at all. He really is one of my favourite directors, and I would have felt bad about it. Fortunately, he seems to like the video, at least enough to grant permission for the LA festival. And I feel very honored to know that the video will be presented as a “Les Blank’s Flower Films production”.”

Tom – How To Dress Well, remember? – Krell said this of Jamie when we grabbed him for a quote:

“This video is so sick. So proud of Jamie. It was our first collaboration—- ‘decisions’ was only a few days old when I sent it to him, and Jamie is just such a positive person, he just fell in love with the song immediately and responded to his feelings with a video which i IMMEDIATELY fell in love with. it was so amazing for him to respond to the song with that vid. perfect harmony, on so many levels: the harmonies of the song, jamie and me in spiritual harmony, the song and the images harmonizing so beautifully. We share a certain sensibility and both believe that images and sounds are not different in kind per se but rather constantly interpenetrate each other. It was on that premise that we first started vibing and I think our relationship will continue long into the future !!! :+) and, that little boy in the vid still fills me with such joy!!! <3 u jamie.”

Watch the Decisions video here:

Tri Angle released How To Dress Well’s album ‘Love Remains’ on the 31st January 2011