Hot Horizons – Ill / I Can’t Stay Awake


Hot Horizons were a band from the Nottingham/Leicestershire area led by brothers Jake and Rory McCarthy who released a handful of 7“s and EPs between 2010 and last year. Despite an early buzz – they were The Guardian’s 1000th new band of the day – the band called it quits in early 2012, with Rory going on to join the touring bands of Connan Mockasin, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Metronomy (he still makes music, and was recently featured on Dummy), although they had plans to make more music together in a different form.

Sadly in late 2012, Jake McCarthy suffered a seizure that left him in a coma caused by an undiagnosed brain tumour, and he passed away in December. His family have since set up a charitable foundation in his memory to raise awareness of the symptoms of brain tumours and to ensure that there’s an early diagnosis.

Hello Thor x Denizen Records will re-release the final Hot Horizons single on 5th August, with all proceeds going to the Jake McCarthy Foundation. You can stream the double a-side Ill / I Can’t Stay Awake below, and you can by the limited run single from here.

Hello Thor x Denizen Records will re-release Ill / I Can’t Stay Awake on August 5th.