Her Records share new compilation, ‘Her Volume 3’

Act fast to download the South London crew's new collection, featuring club-ready fire from CYPHR, Sudanim and more.


Her Records, the on-the-rise South London label centred around a gaggle of producers including Miss Modular, Sudanim, CYPHR and Fraxinus, have shared label compilation 'Her Volume 3'. If the label are news to you, then now should be a good time to get up to speed: but consider Miss Modular's 'Reflector Pack / Cruzer Edge' and CYPHR's missile-like 'Brace/Gloss Finish' strong background listening. 

They're still really in their infancy, but as the name indicates this is Her's third compilation – but good luck finding much about the first two via a Google search. Described as a collection of 'entirely new, club-ready productions', grime textures focus most overtly – see Fraxinus' heavy-duty Dizzee Rascal reconstruction, and Sudanim's gritty tearaway, Floor Lock. There's room for other exploration in here too, thought: most notably on CYPHR and Sudanim's U Most, an armour-plated but fully infectious UK funky cut.  

Stream the whole thing below; there's also a limited download still on offer – act now to avoid disappointment. 

There's been a few other notable free-to-download "state of play" grime/UK club compilations shared recently: so get on Madam X's 'Kaizen Movements Vol. I' and the second collection courtesy of essential night Boxed, if you haven't already (Murlo and Sudanim crop up again on those, too). 

[via FACT]

Her Records released 'Her Volume 3' on June 30th 2014. 


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