Satirical sloganeering on the latest from PAN producer Heatsick.


Heatsick is a clever feller. If you read his interview with Dummy from last year, it's evident that he reads a lot, thinks a lot, and finds the world a perverse place – but far from po-faced critical analysis, he's also very, very funny. New track RE-ENGINEERING (the title track of his upcoming LP) captures his wit – it's a warped techno funk track, full of heavy kicks and scratchy disco guitars, with a still female voice incanting sly, satirical slogans like "modern life is still rubbish, modern rubbish is still life" and "East London in West Kreuzberg".

The press release for RE-ENGINEERING describes it as a "crisp spoken word poetry communicating hypermodernity in crisis in a piece that equally evokes the masked humour of Chic and the biting surreality of Chris Morris", which is basically as apt a description as you'll get, although the Chic reference makes me think that an even closer comparison might be Will Powers' masterpiece novelty record 'Dancing For Mental Health', which featured Nile Rodgers amongst its all-star cast.

PAN will release Heatsick's new album 'RE-ENGINEERING' on November 26th 2013.