Halls – Aside

Quite gorgeous miseryguts music from the London musician.


We've posted a fair bit about 'Love To Give', the second album from London songperson Halls, already, but as that album approaches the big day of release, there's always gonna be more. The latest song to emerge is called Aside – you know, like being pushed aside, out of the inner circle? Or, like, delivering an aside, the internal thoughts that nobody else hears? Trundling along as it does at a solemn, funeral march pace, Aside isn't the sort of song to put a smile on your face, lift your spirits, or warm your cockles, but for those that like to indulge their inner miseryguts, it's quite gorgeous.

No Pain In Pop will release 'Love To Give' on the February 10th 2014. Halls will play The Shacklewell Arms on February 17th 2014 – more information here.

[via NME]

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