Gwilym Gold – Flex

Are you not entertained?


Gwilym Gold is streaming his new single, Flex.

There are only three lines in this song – All my beauty / Flexing for you / Are you not entertained? – set atop piano chords which swell and build to a huge crescendo.

Besides the original song, you'll also be able to hear a remix of Flex by Zomby as well as a rework by Gold himself when the single comes out on vinyl later this month.

Gold recently announced a free show at Second Home in London this Saturday (July 11th), a joint promotion between Dummy, Eat Your Own Ears, and Second Home as part of their Chords series.

Hymn/The Vinyl Factory release 'Flex' on July 24th 2015 (buy). Brille Records release 'A Paradise' on August 21st 2015 (buy).