Grimes to release her new album in October

Claire Boucher's follow-up to 2012's Visions is details in a new interview with Dazed.


Grimes will release her new album in October through 4AD Records, confirmed in an interview with Dazed.

In a cover feature for the Autumn/Winter 2015 edition of the magazine, Claire Boucher told Owen Myers that her fourth album – the follow-up to 2012's 'Visions' on 4AD – will be out this year. The as-yet-untitled album will "hit iTunes in October", while a physical version will be accompanied by "an art book inspired by tarot cards."

Confirmed tracks include the titles Scream and Flesh Without Blood – the former of which is a collaboration with Taiwanese rapper Aristophanes. According to the feature, working titles in the past have included 'Fairy', 'Avalon', and 'Queen of the Night'.

Read the full feature on Dazed Digital's website.

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