The music world responds to the London riots on Twitter

Grime artists who live and work in London have been vocal about the turmoil their city is in, as riots continue in London.


Words by: Charlie Jones

In the wake of the devastating riots that have rocked London this weekend, grime artists who live and work in the city are sharing their views on the violence with the world.

Tottenham MC Skepta tweeted last night, amid waves of copycat looting across the city, “R.I.P Mark Duggan a real straight up and down respected man. LOVE!!!!!!!!” and “I hope the media don’t think all these riot videos & pictures are gonna make us lose focus. We’re still waiting for answers”, showing his support for the family of the man whose death sparked the initial protest which later escalated into the riots.

Chipmunk , too, used the social media site to reach out to his home with a supportive, positive attitude, urging “There’s so many different outcomes when u grow up where I grew up… None the less I just want the best for us all! Tottenham keep shining!”

Many have found themselves defending or condemning the actions of their own home-boroughs – grime MC Black The Ripper hails from Edmonton, which was hit by violence last night. He tweeted “I aint encouraging the riots or supporting them, ulot are sitting in ur yards probably far outta da ends, u can’t relate to what I’m seing.” Asserting that anyone who wasn’t in the affected areas had no right to comment on the riots, he went on to say “I don’t encourage goin out and robbing shops and burning peoples business that’s selfish and inconsiderate but I respect people wiv backbone.”

Mz. Bratt spoke out on Twitter against what she labelled as self-inflicted devastation in Brixton and elsewhere last night, stating “Burning down other peoples businesses & Homes thats disgraceful.” Her views were echoed by Jamakabi who stated on his Twitter feed “A shit ting is ordinary people are getting their homes burnt/smashed #foolishness” earlier today. He also pointed out, however, his perception of the hypocritical nature of reporting on rioting, tweeting “The worst case of looting I ever heard was a group of thugs who found themselves in Africa taking goods and in slaving the people! Tuttuttut.”

London-based DJ Om Unit , meanwhile, weighed in with a prediction of more trouble, tweeting “I’ve been working with london’s troubled youth for 8 years. They had little now the cuts mean they have less.. Expect more drama.”

The conflict in London is ongoing at the time of writing.

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