Great new website Ad Hoc launches out of Altered Zones

New life of dearly departed Altered Zones begins with, as one would expect, good blogging and an exhaustive analysis of a #seapunk microwave.


Words by: Charlie Jones

One of the better music sites of the last few years was Pitchfork’s blogging collective, Altered Zones. It was a place where some of the best new music writers from titles like 20 Jazz Funk Greats, Don’t Die Wondering and Transparent could hyperlink excessively and write about some of the best music of tomorrow as well as shining a mighty light on the best DIY music of the moment.

Last year, because these things happen, the plug was pulled. Undeterred, editors Emilie Friedlander and Ric Leichtung started a new project, Ad Hoc. After Kickstarting for the $33,000, the site launched last night. Like Altered Zones, copy comes from a pool of music websites writing posts on the best thing they’ve heard that week Full disclosure – Dummy is one of these, alongside long-form features and daily news. Contents already look good – there is a fascinating feature on an online trance-production contest by Emilie and a post by our very own Ruth Saxelby on Joel Ford’s Airbird.

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