Gonjasufi’s ‘A Sufi and A Killer’ in ‘remix LP we’re actually excited about’ shock.

Wow – one of 2009's best albums gets reworked by OPN, Broadcast & The Focus Group, Dam Mantle, Dem Hunger, Biblio, etc.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Gonjasufi’s ‘A Sufi and a Killer’ turned out to be one of 2009’s most interesting and revisit-able records, and the news that it’s getting the remix treatment from some really cool people (like OPN, Broadcast & The Focus Group, Dam Mantle, Dem Hunger, Biblio) like is actually fairly interesting, even if the the title’s reference to ‘Caliphs of the Ummahs of the 7th century’ may be overstating its significance slightly. Either way, ‘The Caliph’s Tea Party’ will be released by Warp on 4th October 2010, and Gonjasufi will play his first ever UK live show on the 6th Spetember at Elektrowerkz in London. (Get tickets here)

Listen to a couple of tracks here:

Gonjasufi – The Caliph’s Tea Party by Warp Records

Gonjasufi ‘The Caliph’s Tea Party’

01. Ancestors (Dreamtime) (Mark Pritchard Remix)
02. Candylane (Bibio Remix)
03. Ageing (Dam Mantle Remix)
04. The Caliph’s Tea Party (Broadcast & The Focus Group “DedNd” Remix)
05. Kobwebz (Jeremiah Jae Remix)
06. Love Of Reign (Bear In Heaven Remix)
07. She’s Gone (Oneohtrix Point Never Remix)
08. Holidays (MRR Remix)
09. Change (Shlomo Remix)
10. My Only Friend (Hezus Remix)
11. DedNd (agdm Remix)
12. SuzieQ (Dem Hunger Bowel Blood Remix)

Warp will release Gonjasufi’s remix album ‘The Caliph’s Tea Party’ on the 4th October 2010