Gobby – Fashion Lady [album stream]

Hear Gobby's brain-frazzled "techno ass" debut album for UNO NYC.


Gobby has been responsible for some weird and beautiful music in his time, but his new album ‘Fashion Lady’ is a shift into weirder territories even by his standards. It’s still weird and beautiful (in its own way), but compared to EPs like ‘Above Ground’, the self-described “Techno Ass Album” takes on a much rougher edge, feeling closer in spirit to dudes like Richard D. James, Mr. Oizo (we’d think of this in particular) and Zombie Nation than anything else. It’s premiering alongside a suitably weird gallery that goes some way to describing the album over at Dazed Digital but you can stream it below.

UNO NYC will release ‘Fashion Lady’ on 23rd April 2013.

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