Glastonbury lawyer says the 2021 festival will be going ahead

Work for next year's event will begin on Worthy Farm in March


Words by: Billy Ward

Plans are underway for Glastonbury to go ahead in June 2021, according to the festival’s General Counsel Ben Challis.

The entertainment lawyer, who has represented the festival for 26 years, said work for next year’s event will begin on Worthy Farm in March.

“For 2021 we will have to start building in March, or the end of March because it’s a big festival and it takes a lot to build, and no one wants to do a ‘light Glastonbury’,” Challis said in a recent interview for the Behind The Noise podcast. “The plan would be to rebook the 2020 bill, it will move everything, including our 50th anniversary celebration to 2021”.

Commenting on Glastonbury’s cancellation this summer due to the coronavirus, Challis remarked that hardly anyone had demanded a refund: “It was literally a hand-full, it was extraordinary. No one wanted a refund”. Due to the volume of people still with tickets; as it stands the 2021 festival is sold out and will aim to deliver the same line up that last year’s.

According to the NME, in a recent Q&A session Michael Eavis hinted at the potential of arranging “massive testing arrangements” for the festival, if the pandemic is still ongoing at the time that Glastonbury 2021 takes place.

Listen to the Behind the Noise podcast below:

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