Geoff Barrow busy with new Portishead album, another based on Judge Dredd

The Bristol band founder has more projects on the way with trip hop and comic books as inspiration.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Amid talk of a fourth Portishead album and an impending hip hop release with Quakers, Geoff Barrow still has more on the way with a collaboration with Emmy-nominated film and TV composer Ben Salisbury. Inspired by Mega-City One of the Judge Dredd comics, published 35 years ago, the album ‘Drokk’ is expected to drop on May 8th. More an interpretation than any definitive reflection of the ultra-violent city where ‘drokk’ is the catchall curse word, the album is sure to be a definitive mix of Barrow’s raw production skills and Salisbury’s large-scale nature doc epics.

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