Fugazi to launch ‘Fugazi Live Series’ website

The great DC post-hardcore band announce the expansion of their vast online archive of live shows and memorabilia.


Words by: Anthony Walker

Dischord Records, the seminal DIY punk label, have announced the official launch of their ‘Fugazi Live Series’ website on December the 1st. The site, already available in beta-form to account-holders, will be open to all and offer recordings of Fugazi live shows to fans for a suggested fee of $5. The full archive is a treasure chest of over 800 shows mostly recorded professionally by the band’s sound engineers. The project will start with an initial 130 downloads, 101 of these new, and will build until the entire archive is complete. Additional data, photographs and flyers will also be added to individual show pages.

Fugazi formed in 1983, and toured relentlessly, but have been on an indefinite hiatus since 2003, making the archive a god-send for their legions of fans and a chance for new listeners to get acquainted with the band.

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