Friend Within – The Renegade (Special Request ‘Murder’ remix)

Paul Woolford drops a huge new remix built round a ubiquitous sample under his 'Ardkore alias.


House mainstay Paul Woolford's 'Ardkore alias Special Request seems to have given him a new lease of life. Following a huge EP for Houndstooth (plus a huge one for Hotflush under his usual name), Woolford is readying a debut album under the alias, but while we wait for that he's dropped a new remix of Friend Within's The Renegade.

Woolford's remix is rude and rough-round-the-edges. Built around that ubiqutious Renegade Master sample, it's just begging for rewinds. Huge stuff.

In related news, details of the Special Request LP emerged today via Juno Plus. The album, called 'Soul Music', will drop through Houndstooth in October. It's 12 tracks long and all new material (besides Ride VIP, which appeared on a 12" last year), but it will come with an exhaustive bonus disk of previously released productions and remixes. 


CD1 / Triple Vinyl / Digital
1. Forbidden
2. Undead
3. Cold Blooded
4. Body Armour
5. Lockjaw
6. Ride VIP
7. Soundboy Killer
8. Broken Dreams
9. Black Ops
10. Capsules
11. Deranged
12. Descent

CD2 / Digital
1. Tessela – Hackney Parrot (Special Request VIP)
2. Lana Del Rey – Ride (Special Request Remix)
3. Special Request – Mindwash
4. Special Request – Alone
5. Special Request – Mindwash (Anthony Naples Aftermath Remix)
6. Special Request – Lolita (Warehouse Mix)
7. Special Request – Vapour
8. Special Request – Deflowered (Kassem Mosse & Mix Mup Remix)
9. Special Request – Mindwash (Anthony Shakir Remix)
10. Special Request – Capsules (Lee Gamble Full Length Remix)
11. Special Request – Deflowered (Hieroglyphic Being Remix)

Method Records will release Friend Within's 'The Renegade' EP on October 13th. Houndstooth will release Special Request's album 'Soul Music' on vinyl on the 7th October and on CD and digitally on the 21st October.