Fort Romeau – Stay True

The distinctive house producer drops a new track from his forthcoming EP for Ghostly.


Fort Romeau asserted himself as a strong voice in an increasingly homogonised house scene with his debut EP 'Kingdoms' for 100% Silk last year. Since the release of that EP, he dropped a single for Spectral Sound, a sublabel of Ghostly International, and another for the main label, and today he's announced another four-track EP for them.

Stay True is a slo-mo house track based around a rugged bassline arpeggiation, and it's a beaut, like a chopped and screwed Donna Summer instrumental. It's the sort of thing that carries you along on an easy groove until suddenly it reaches out and you realise that, hang on, this is great.

Ghostly will release the 'Stay / True' EP on September 16th.

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