“Showing people your heart when it’s raw, it is vulnerable”: FKA twigs opens up on Beats 1 about ‘MAGDALENE’

The British singer-songwriter spoke about her health issues and the effect on her creative process...


Words by: Billy Ward

Amidst a troubling time involving heartbreak and ongoing health issues, FKA twigs released her album ‘MAGDALENE’ to wide acclaim, conceptualising her personal experiences and thoughts on society at large.

In a new interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music’s Beats 1, the British singer-songwriter opened up about these troubles and the effect on her creative process. Having undergone laparoscopic surgery to have six fibroid tumours removed last year, she explains how the road to wellness presented her with opportunities for self-growth.

“It’s lonely but sometimes that’s good. That’s one thing I’ve learned is I am in myself. I live inside here and I have to take responsibility for this, and that is actually really empowering,” she said.

Topics broached include twigs’s split with actor Robert Pattinson, with the singer explaining the process of ‘un-meshing’ from each others lives.

“I think obviously like showing people your heart when it’s raw, it is vulnerable,” she said. “It’s one thing showing people your heart when you’re feeling sexy and sassy and you’re 22, 23, running around New York like Miss Thing. Do you know what I mean? Like, ‘Oh, I’m so sexy and so vulnerable at the same time. I’m discovering my sexuality’, that’s hot […] But then it’s another thing where like, ‘Oh, I’m like, I’m broken now’.”

Watch the full interview now:

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