FKA twigs announces new EP on Twitter

'M3LL155X' is perfectly poised pop, accompanied by a seamlessly surreal video which sees FKA twigs becoming a blow-up doll.


Words by: Natalie /

FKA twigs kept it short notice with the release of her new EP 'M3LL155X', taking to social media last night to announce its arrival.

Four of the tracks from the EP – Figure 8, I’m Your Doll, In Time and Glass & Patron – are seamlessly and beautifully binded together in a continuous FKA twigs directed film. This sees Michèle Lamy cast as a strange ant-like fortune teller, FKA twigs pregnant in silk pyjamas and even becoming a blow-up doll. At one point it feels like you're in a 2015 version of the video for Michael Jackson's Scream, with FKA twigs' slick and jolted dancing unfolding in a dark and moody room, brightly lit from the floor. The video ends with a vogue and ballroom inspired seance, inspired by her time studying the scene in New York.

It's perfectly poised pop music, heightened by FKA twigs' lightening sharp sense of creativity.

'M3LL155X' EP tracklist: 
 01. Figure 8
02. I’m Your Doll
03. In Time
04. Glass & Patron
05. Mothercreep

'M3LL155X' is available now on Young Turks (buy / stream).