FKA twigs announces initiative to support sex workers during the pandemic

"I feel like now is the time for me to step forward, pay respect, and shine a light on the challenges facing sex workers"


Words by: Billy Ward

FKA twigs has launched an initiative aiming to raise money for sex workers who have been financially impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Posting on Instagram, twigs announced that she had kicked off the fund by donating £10,000. The money raised will go towards supporting organisations SWARM, Lysistrata, and ELSC (East London Strippers Collective), who are providing direct financial support to strippers and sex workers.

Last month, the 32-year-old released a short film about female empowerment through dance, where she embarked on a journey to Atlanta’s first black strip club Blue Flame.

“I was 19 when i learnt my first pole move, i learnt a back hook spin from a stripper when i was working as a hostess in a gentleman’s club,” twigs writes in her Instagram post.

“For those of you who don’t know, hostessing is when one person pays another person for their time, anything from a conversation over dinner to sex work, and the club gets a cut of the fee. my lived experience as a very young woman in these environments has not only informed the strong and formidable woman that i am today, but also a lot of my work as a music and visual artist – sometimes even subconsciously.”

“I feel like now is the time for me to step forward, pay respect, and shine a light on the challenges facing sex workers, especially during these uncertain times. sex workers I know and have met have discipline, craft, talent and work ethic – not only do they deserve better long-term, but their income has been wiped out by the lockdown and many are invisible to the financial aid available to others.”

Speaking of the wider public perception towards sex workers, twigs stated: “There’s a bigger journey in challenging public attitudes, tackling stigma, and fighting for rights and protections – but today I’m inviting you to join me in helping with cash donations to SWARM, Lysistrata and ELSC.”

She finally went on to announce that the three organisations would be taking over her social media accounts.

Find out more information and support the fund here.

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