Five acts to catch at Telekom Electronic Beats Bucharest 2019

From avant pop to rousing techno, here's who to catch at the Romanian festival


Words by: Billy Ward

With summer now officially upon us (despite the awful weather right now), this time of the year is set aside for holidays, spending time with friends and, for the music lovers out there – festivals.

Telekom Electronic Beats festival in Bucharest, Romania, offers the possibility of all three of these summer essentials, so you can make sure that this festival season starts off with a bang. Hosting the festival is the Expirat Club, a venue existing in the urban landscape of Romania, synonymous with underground culture and producing an intense atmosphere – it acts as the perfect location to cater for the roster of artists that the line-up boasts.

Over 20 artists will be gracing the stage over the course of the festival, which runs for three days from June 13 – 16, and whose styles span avant pop to rousing techno. Among the talent on show are HVOB, IDER, and Bucharest’s own Karpov not Kasparov, or, if you’re looking for something a bit more heavy, the menacing industrial techno sound of VTSS and New York’s ‘technofeminist’ collective Discwoman will have you covered.


Electronic pop duo IDER are in the business of crafting floaty, melodic pop. Having recently released single ‘Wu Baby’, their debut album is on the way, and to gear up for the milestone, the pair will be bringing their amorphous sounds to the Romanian festival.


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A woman currently shaping the face of techno as it stands today, Brooklyn-based Volvox has been involved in DJing and production world since 2006, and the Discwoman affiliate will be bringing her brand of bag of mammoth techno tunes to the Romanian festival.

The 10 Best Monster Techno Tracks, according to Volvox

DJ Seinfeld

Headlining the festival is none other than DJ Seinfield. The Swedish producer has had no issue establishing himself as one of the most prominent figures in the lo-fi house scene, whose crunched drums and sounds of despondency have made him a strong fan favourite – with recent ‘Galazy EP’, with its intergalactic atmospherics and breakbeats, being one concrete example of this.


Discwoman co-founder Umfang is another of Telekom’s heavy-hitters – favouring minimal yet damage-causing beats, her big, bold brand of techno is one not to sleep on.

Donna Leake

All the way from Brilliant Corners, Donna Leake will be bringing her far-flung stylings to Bucharest – boasting an enviably versatile taste, her eclectic sets are highly coveted.

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