Fis – DMT Usher

Chainsaw theatrics from thrilling, Tri Angle-signed New Zealand producer.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

There's a level of comfort to be gleaned from uncomfortable music that can't be matched, as punks and noise fans know all too well. Maybe it's in the externalising of an internal ache, a chance to exorcise a feeling through the almost ritualistic movement of limbs to jagged rhythms or feedback's roar. New Zealand producer Fis, the latest signing to Tri Angle's enviable roster, gets this. His music lurks and lurches, like a madman with a chainsaw. On DMT Usher, a previously released number that will be included on his debut EP 'Preparations' for Tri Angle, one moment he's chasing after you in slow motion and the next hiding in the bushes, eyes ablaze. It's a murky picture that Fis paints, but one that offers deep satisfaction. 

Tri Angle will release Fis' debut EP 'Preparations' on 18th November 2013.

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