Listen to Evian Christ’s ‘Waterfall’ EP in full

Hear the white-hot electronic producer's forthcoming EP in full through his fancy new website.


'Waterfall' – the much-anticipated second EP from Evian Christ – is streaming in full. 

The four track release is mean and aggressive, a marked move away from the moody sway of those first Youtube streams (later collected as the 'Kings And Them' EP) and also his "Duga-3" Dummy Mix, but draws from a similar pool of sources: with big chunks of trap rap and trance packed and re-assembled with ambient shades.

The previously heard Salt Carousel sets things up from the beginning runs the style goes on through Fuck Idol and Propellor but the most intriguing thing here is the closer Waterfall – an industrial-sized dancehall-tinged track that harks back to his time on the 'Yeezus' production team and a recent trip to Jamaica. 

Listen to the whole EP on his rather nifty looking new website.

Tri Angle will release 'Waterfall' on March 17th 2014.

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