Everywhere else, 7th March 2011

Appleblim mix and interview, Wild Beasts first listen, oOoOO mix and more in today's necessary links.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Slow And Steady: Vinyl Survives “When it comes to production, vinyl is a little bit of a mystery. We know how CDs, cassettes and mp3s are made and reproduced because we can do all these things at home. Vinyl, not so much. Visiting a plant where vinyl is pressed into records something like stepping back in time.” – npr.org

A catch up and mix from Appleblim “Since those early releases by the likes of Martyn, Brackles and Instra:mental, he’s developed his tastes, seemingly seeding a lot more from his immediate surroundings, releasing singles from his fellow Bristol based producers Kidkut, Orphan 101 and Komonazmuk last year. From what we’ve seen he looks most comfortable in this kind of situation, standing amongst friends as an equal, as well as an able outlet. It seems to be holding him, and his music collection, in very good stead.” – fabriclondon.com

First Listen: Wild Beasts, ‘Smother’ on The Stool Pigeon “If you’re anything like us, news of an impending Wild Beasts album means dropping the pretence that you actually care about other kinds of so-called ‘music’, hurling your sense of decorum out the window along with your dignity, and slavering like a rabid dog about what is bound to be the best thing that’s happened since sliced bread.” – thestoolpigeon.co.uk

Fact mix 227: oOoOO “oOoOO’s FACT mix starts with a new track by him, before rolling through a selection of FACT favourites (James Pants, Gucci, DJ Roc), stuff you might expect (Demdike Stare, Broadcast) and some bits you might not (Cat Power).” – factmag.com

20JazzFunkGreats Podcast: Boxcutter “Once upon a time, in the days before ‘Hypnogogia’, there lived a most innovative ‘Dubstep’ producer named ‘Boxcutter’. He wowed his peers in the genre of ‘Dubstep’ with future classics like ‘Sunshine’ and ‘Tauhid’.” – 20jazzfunkgreats.co.uk

Jacques Greene: ‘The myspace era is on its way out’. “The way my music has come out has been the opposite of marketing it; it was just a case of making tracks and sending it to my penpals in Glasgow. I didn’t really try to put it out there.” – theskinny.co.uk

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