Everywhere Else, 4th March 2011

Rick Rubin interviewed by Anthony Kiedis, mixes by Laurel Halo and Blackest Ever Black and an Ariel Pink video all feature in today's essential reading (and watchings, and listenings).


Words by: Charlie Jones

Arthur Radio Transmission #38 w/ LAUREL HALO [via Self-Titled] Our second host, known on Earth as electronic solo songstress LAUREL HALO, appears in a flash as a flickering face above a bank of silver clouds. The image mouths to us to follow her into a stream of white lasers, which is pointed directly upwards, disappearing into the unknown. All sense of memory–past, present, and future–is wiped.” – arthurmag.com

Practice Space: Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti “Ariel Pink used to tour by himself playing songs he never intended for a commercial audience. And by all accounts, his shows were awful. At some shows, he would roll around half-naked on stage mumbling atonally into a microphone, backed only by a CD player – or maybe an iPod, I don’t know. Apparently sick of his audience’s relentless, boo-filled contempt, he teamed up with a backing band, Haunted Graffiti, and started trying to actually please his audience. Now, after touring a while with a consistent lineup, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti live show does a pretty good job translating the warbly, anachronistic cassette releases that made Ariel Pink worthy listening into scalable, instrumented songs.” – VBS.TV

Anthony Kiedis interviews Rick Rubin “Anthony Kiedis: You are in the midst of one of the great transformations of a lifetime. Do you want to talk about that? Rick Rubin: I’m happy to talk about it.” – interviewmagazine.com

Lupe Fiasco: ‘I have the right to speak out’ “The MC’s battle with Atlantic over control of his third album, Lasers, made him suicidal, Lupe Fiasco tells Angus Batey” – guardian.co.uk

Blackest Ever Black: She Died With Her Eyes Open “We proudly present special guest mixtape by Blackest Ever Black – one of the most exciting and promising new label on Earth, a home to London duo Raime … This mixtape was put together over the course of three or four nights in January and February, 2011. Inspired by the radiant menace of Keldgate Road and Skidby Lane in Cottingham, East Yorkshire, and the writings of Derek Raymond and David Peace. Dedicated to all murderers and murderees.”

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