Everywhere Else, 10th March 2011

Why rapper Waka Flocka Flame doesn't care about lyrics, why the iPad isn't the perfect music-making machine, why Philip Glass and Arthur Russell rule, and more.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Waka Flocka Flame on His Disinterest in Lyrics and Love of Fozzie Bear “I didn’t get into rap to be no lyrical genius. I got into rap to feed my family and help the people in need around me, that’s it. A lot of people say, “Man, Waka Flocka ain’t go no lyrics,” so I was like, “Yeah, you right!”” – nymag.com

Philip Glass, from Minimalism to mainstream “Where does one begin with the most prolific of major modern composers? Philip Glass has written more than two dozen operas along with a considerable amount of incidental music for plays…” – latimes.com

Why the iPad Falls Short as a Creation Tool “Historically, iMovie and GarageBand have been popular on the Mac because of their affordability and ease of use. With these two apps, Apple pioneered tools for Joe Schmo to create music and movies — skills that were previously exclusive to professional musicians and moviemakers with expensive hardware and software… But Apple still has a lot of room to improve if it wants the iPad to be a platform for creation.” – wired.com

Artist Profile – Iasos “In 1965, the story goes, a young cultural anthropology student by the name of Iasos spontaneously began hearing “heavenly” sounds in his head; he called this music “paradise music,” finished up his degree at Cornell, and moved to California with the mission of recreating this sound with a combination of electronic effects and acoustic instruments like piano and flute. In 1975, he released his debut album, Inter-Dimensional Music Through Iasos; alongside the seminal Spectrum Suite LP by close friend and collaborator Steve Halpern, which came out the same year, Inter-Dimensional Music remains one of the foundational releases of the New Age genre. Since then, Iasos has released some 30 cassettes and LPS of his ecstastic, ambient soundscapes, and has helped shaped the aesthetics of New Age with his luminous video art.” – alteredzones.com

ALBUM OF THE WEEKCALLING OUT OF CONTEXT “The story of Arthur Russell and his art is a quietly unusual love story and the love songs of Arthur Russell are matchless forward-thinking pop.” – offmodern.com