everglade – Area Login

Stream a melodic, un-jacking track from everglade and explore its "virtual environment" music video.


There's something very un-jacking about everglade's Area Login.

Despite its prominent use of an acid house-style bassline, the track is so washed in synth pads and so slow with its shuffle that the closest it gets to getting your body moving is a head nod. None of this is a criticism by any means, though – hearing a squelchy bassline like this used to power anything other than a club banger is always interesting.

The song – and the EP it comes from – comes with a virtual environment that matches the vibe of the track, designed by everglade in lieu of a music video. Have a wander around that here. 

The lovely, melodic track is out on Zoology Records, who, amongst other things, released an EP from Glass Eyes earlier this year.

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