Estasy – Wild Wants

Willowy, wallowing call from the wilds from new Italian artist.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

Strung out, stretched and at the edge of its wits, Wild Wants is the echo-y first taste of new Acephale signing Estasy from Rome, Italy, taken from his debut album ‘LOCUS SOLUS’ due next year. It’s full of echoes, actually, like a slow macabre dance through the years, catching moments in its wake (organ church music, Smashing Pumpkins’ exhausted wallowing, the space and pace of Japan) and spinning them into something altogether stranger. There’s even a screechy sample that sounds like a cat mewing from the bottom of a well. (I’m hoping no cats were harmed in the making of this track.) Wild indeed.

ESTASY – Wild Wants by Acéphale

Acephale will release Estasy’s debut album in early 2012

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