DropxLife – Further

The Weeknd's producer rolls out a mixtape of his own that's worth getting hyped about.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

“Aimless is for brainlessness,” tweeted DropxLife last week. You might not have heard his name just yet but you’ll have heard DropxLife’s beats on The Weeknd’s latest mixtape ‘Echoes Of Silence’ (he co-produced Initiation) and you’ll probably be familiar with his pal Drake (he was shouted out on the credits of ‘Take Care’). Friends in high places help but when it comes down to it, the beats have to do the talking. DropxLife proves he’s a man that could go the distance on ‘Further’, his mixtape that was posted on The Weeknd’s blog yesterday. The title track can be heard below, a melodramatic and dreamily high jam that rolls and rolls in a way that you wish would never end.

Download DropxLife’s ‘Further’ mixtape.

[Thanks, Pitchfork!]

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