Dressin’ Red – Hilton

Glasgow producer lands on the ever-excellent Donky Pitch with a genre-blurring EP.


Dressin' Red makes his debut on Brighton electronic label Donky Pitch later this month with the 'Kibble Palace' EP.

Mr. Red (pictured above – we must say that Donky Pitch have very good press shots) is a Glasgow producer who has previously released music with his pals at Astral Black.

Like many young producers working today, Dressin' Red has an inability to commit to any one idea – and we mean that in a good way. It's not exactly radical to say that Soundcloud-reared musicians have a pretty vast number of options and influences available to them, and are generally happy to experiment with ideas as a consequence. Dressin' Red is as up for making a club banger as he is a hip hop-leaning instrumental or an ambient track, often with all of these things blurring into one. New track Hilton, for example, is a sort of wide-eyed digi-R&B-club-neoclassical-ambient song driven by ghost percussion.

Dressin Red 'Kibble Palace' EP tracklist:

01. Orchids
02. Double Glazed
03. Sprit
04. Koi
05. Kelvin
06. Hilton
07. Pools

Donky Pitch release the 'Kibble Palace' EP on May 25th 2015.

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