Damon Albarn and co have shared another snippet of their DRC Music project

Listen to a 50-second clip preview of what Damon Albarn, T.E.E.D, Actress, Richard Russell and others have been up to in Congo.


Words by: Charlie Jones

The DRC Music project, lead by Damon Albarn, was an Oxfam-sponsored trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo, in which a collective of musicians and producers attempted to complete an album in seven days. The group, made up of Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Actress, Kwes, Richard Russell, Dan The Automator, Jneiro Jarel, Marc Antoine, Alwest and Rodaidh McDonald, arrived back in the UK this week.

This fifty second preview of a track called “If you wish to stay awake” was posted to the DRC Music Tumblr this morning. Guttural and earthy, the track infuses metallic instrumental sounds with a hesitant, on-and-off beat that keeps you on your toes. Fifty seconds feels far too short.

If you wish to stay awake (clip – featuring Washiba and Serge Lambunda Mulambo from Kasai Tribe) by DRC Music

You can keep up to date with the project via its Tumblr and Twitter feeds.

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