Drake – Hold On We’re Going Home

The rapper turns a hand to cruising synth pop, and does it remarkably well.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

Drake's having something of an identity crisis lately, but, being Drake, he's making it sound damn good. It started late last year with the blaring, drawling braggadocio of Started From The Bottomthe companion to which came in the form of angry anthem 5AM In Toronto, and both of which were then offset by the Say My Name-sampling Girls Love Beyonce and the deliciously smooth Sampha collaboration The MotionToday, he's revealed a new track that sounds absolutely nothing like any of those just mentioned, and what's more, it's the official follow-up single to Started From The Bottom, the second taken from his upcoming third album 'Nothing Was The Same'. With a cruising beat, cooing falsetto backing vocals and a crooning chorus, this is full-blown synth pop and a long way from the sneering rag-to-riches hip hop of Started or even anything on 'Take Care'. What this might signal for the new album, or for Drake's own personal sense of self, is totally baffling: all we can say with certainty is, Hold On We're Going Home is a total tune. Stream it via the radio rip below.

Young Money/Cash Money will release 'Nothing Was The Same' on the 17th September 2013.


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