Download Boy Better Know set at Rinse’s 16th birthday party, ahead of their Fabric Boxing Day takeov

The set of the grime crew capable of taking your roof off, now for download here exclusively.


Words by: Charlie Jones

On Boxing Day, every single Rinse DJ will play Fabric. Rinse FM is a very important once-pirate, now-FM radio station established by Geeneus that has, over 16 years, followed the shifting sands of London dance music, and as much a distribution network and virtual meeting space as a radio station, Rinse has spread jungle, garage, grime, dubstep, funky and countless other offshoots. But it’s not just a bellweather station – listening in is steadily thrilling experience, and it’s also thrown some very good parties, one of which will be a takeover of Fabric on the 26th December. And to plug the event, they’ve given us three exclusive MP3s to give to you.

After this morning’s Kismet and A+, and ahead of tomorrow’s Skream and Benga, we bring you Boy Better Know’s live set from Rinse’s 16th birthday party. The grime crew is one of the oldest (and funnest) in the game, and while the the last few years have seen Jammer, Skepta and JME wander off to do their own things, their together again sets are actually really, really good. So click away, and make sure you pop along on Boxing Day.

Rinse FM’s website


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