How to become the most successful DJ on

Who is DJ Wooooo, and how did he get nearly 1000 fans on the music-sharing website?


Words by: Charlie Jones

The past few weeks have been gloomy without here in the UK, as its popularity has been mounting over in the US. For the uninitiated, Turntable is a music-sharing service which recreates the reality of listening to music played by other people – users create avatars, which wander from room to room listening to music played by other users.

One little avatar in particular seems to have emerged as a domineering figure in this virtual world, having stacked up 9000 points, nearly 1000 fans, and a personal room that is never empty. DJ Wooooo, who cultivates a deliberate aura of mystery, has the rest of hanging on his every spin.

A classically trained pianist and house music fan, DJ Wooooo believes his success is based on his understanding of vibes – being able to judges the shifts in the crowd’s mood, and shift with them, is always superior to having a pre-prepared playlist. He warns, “If you’re just yanking songs from Hype Machine without figuring out how they fit the vibe, you’ll get called out.”

That’s the danger of – social media mixed with music-sharing, it allows participants to create a fierce dialogue about what they are hearing, facelessly tearing into DJs they don’t like and songs they aren’t enjoying. Apparently, though, this particular DJ only ever hears his crowd shouting “WOOOOO”.

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