Terre Thaemlitz to perform in London this sunday

DJ Sprinkles will give lecture, AV performance and Q&A this sunday in London.


Words by: Karen Chan

Transgendered performer/ NYC and Japan-based deep house producer Terre Thaemlitz (better known as DJ Sprinkles) will give a rare performance in London this weekend. This digital music iconoclast will offer an amalgam of lecture, AV performance and audience Q&A session at east London’s Cafe Oto. Presented will be the three completed sections of the still in-progress four-part audio-visual project ‘Soulnessless’, including part I ‘Rosary Novena for Gender Transitioning’ and part II ‘Traffic with the Devil’. The recently completed part IV ‘Two Letters’ will also be premiered.

Terre Thaemlitz’s work combines a critical look at identity politics, including gender, sexuality, class, linguistics, ethnicity and race, often with an analysis of the socio-economics of commercial media production. Her 2003 project ‘Lovebomb’ is a deconstruction of the ‘love song’ and its presentation in the political context. 2009’s ‘Midtown 120 Blues’ is a decontextualisation of house music, while ‘Soulnessless’ is an attempted deconstruction of the notions of soul music, meditation, spirituality, and religiosity as fundamental forms of mediation between consumers and audio marketplaces.

She has given a lecture at the Red Bull Music Academy London edition last year, discussing gender, identities, originality, and pessimism in music. Stream it below, and dive into the highly philosophical world of Terre Thaemlitz.

The opening track of ‘Midtown 120 Blues’:

Terre Thaemlitz/ DJ Sprinkles will perform in east London’s Cafe Ofo on Sunday, 27th November, 2011. Info and tickets here.

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