DJ Rashad, MoonDoctoR & FreshtillDef – Angel Dust

Three Chicago footwork DJs - all members of the Teklife crew - team up.


When written down, MoonDoctoR and FreshtillDef seem like names designed to make your eyeballs bleed. They're actually a couple of footwork producers (and when we say "couple" we mean it – they're married) who are part of the Teklife crew, and who are releasing a new album called 'WTF!' soon featuring many Chicago originals – DJ Earl, DJ Spinn, DJ Manny, and on Angel Dust, DJ Rashad.

Rashad, of course, should need no introduction. Having been one of the major faces of footwork outside of his city, last year saw him release a really fantastic full-length through Hyperdub, 'Double Cup', and Angel Dust has the same sort of lightness and melody as that album.

Listen to the track here on Dummy, read our interview with Rashad from last year, and if you're in the city, bear in mind that you can catch the DJ at Corsica Studios in February.

Freshmoon Records release 'WTF!' on March 4th 2014. DJ Rashad will play alongside Kode9 and Scratcha DVA at Corsica Studios, London on Tuesday 18th February 2014.